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The Superb Figurative Portrait Paintings By Jie Gaoart

Jie Gaoart is a Figurative artist from the United States of America. He specializes in traditional and digital art. Check out some of his figurative art works.

“Being confident whatever in drawing or life. Stopping when you do not feel confident about what you need to do, you should not see everywhere, you should not drawing everywhere because we are human being rather than a camera. Only pick up the things you feel most interested because we can not draw everywhere.”

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“Always curious about the new things surrounding me, persevere in investing time and energy on one thing.

As an artist, there is a very important capability which is through quick observation and perception of live model to get into the atmosphere of painting, especially when I observe the model in different angle after I set up the model’s looking, there are always some angle are touch deeply on me in most times.”

“Compare with other medium, oil paintings have a longer shelf life and could last for hundreds of years. The thickness of the texture of oil paints is also not available in other media.

In the art of world, after mastering the skills accumulated by the predecessors, if I can innovate base on this basis, even a small step is also very remarkable. This is also my goal, to innovate something new in term of the form and content of painting. At the same time, sharing my understanding and knowledge of painting, it is also very meaningful if it can inspire and help other people who are learning painting.”

“Being confident whatever in drawing or life. Stopping when you do not feel confident about what you need to do in next step, we can not see and drawing everywhere because we are not a camera. Only pick up the things you feel most interested.”

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