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Valentin Pavageau, the Traveler of a Psychedelic Universe

French illustrator Valentin Pavageau creates digital collages which allow him to mix multiple influences and aesthetics that he’s inspired by.

“If you select your sources carefully you can creates moods or atmospheres really of their own, without limitation of drawing ability or style,” he tells CR.

“Digital collage especially allows unlimited possibilities in terms of background creation or colour scheme, and feels very much alive because every single aspect of the piece can change seamlessly all along the creative process. And it’s a relatively recent field of expression, so there’s still a lot to explore in my opinion.”

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Pavageau began making images as a child when he would draw comic books. At art school he worked mostly with Indian ink and then gradually shifted to digital collage around 2012 after a brief hiatus. The work Pavageau creates today is a blending of surrealism, symbolism and psychedelia.

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