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Graphic Artist Reimagines Children’s Board Games As Superb Horror Movie Posters

Most of us probably remember playing board games when we were little, maybe even now when we’re all grown up. Usually, they are designed to be colorful, happy, and fun, but what if they were a little creepier? What if they had blood, gore, and monsters?

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Graphic designer Justin Bryant from Nashville decided he would take something as innocent as board games and turn them into horror movie posters, which surprisingly went very well. The posters are quite chilling and horror movie fans would probably like to see them in the theaters. The artist was inspired by Tim Burton and his ability to mix cute and scary aesthetics.

The artist shared what inspired him to create these creepy posters: “When COVID wiped out the tour industry, I essentially lost my job as a merchandise designer. One afternoon, I was going through my hard drive and found an old poster I made of Hungry Hippos during a ‘design a poster every day’ phase in hopes to get better and build a portfolio.”

“I decided to reimagine that idea and see how much better I could execute it with my now seasoned Photoshop skills. When finished, I found I really enjoyed working on it and immediately began creating Candyland, and then from there, my brain went wild with ideas on how to do more. It was a fun series that helped distract me from real life for a while and now it’s bringing so much joy to others. It’s quite incredible!”

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