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This Guy Continues To Paint Pop-Culture Characters Into Old Thrift-Store Paintings

Dave Pollot (previously) is a US painter who brings new life to old and forgotten art. He buys thrift store paintings and perfectly “enhances” them with pop culture symbols, giving a cool, nerdy spin to what’s dusting away inside cracked frames.

“Most are prints or lithographs,” he told Bored Panda. “Any scratches or marks are carefully touched up and then my own visions are added.”

Before focusing on repurposing discarded thrift art, Dave painted more ‘serious’ architectural paintings and landscapes. Now, however, he’s completely devoted to his new passion.

“Concepts range from pop culture to dada themes. What was once destined for a landfill is now an appreciated piece of art and conversation piece.” Luckily, it’s still an ongoing series so there should be more of these to come!

More info: Dave Pollot, Shop, Facebook, Instagram (h/t: bodedpanda)

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