The Twin Towers During The 1970s And Early ’80s Through Fascinating Photos

The original World Trade Center was a large complex of seven buildings in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan, New York City, United States. It opened on April 4, 1973, and was destroyed in 2001 during the September 11 attacks.


At the time of their completion, the Twin Towers—the original 1 World Trade Center, at 1,368 feet (417 m); and 2 World Trade Center, at 1,362 feet (415.1 m)—were the tallest buildings in the world. Other buildings in the complex included the Marriott World Trade Center (3 WTC), 4 WTC, 5 WTC, 6 WTC, and 7 WTC. The complex contained 13,400,000 square feet (1,240,000 m2) of office space.

During its existence, the World Trade Center was an icon of New York City. It had a major role in popular culture and according to one estimate was depicted in 472 films.

Take a look at these fascinating color photos from World Trade Center Photo Archives (Official) to see beautiful scenes of the Twin Towers during the 1970s.

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