Artist Painted This Beautiful Mural In Delft Blue Style

The 5-meter-long corridor walks the viewer into a journey inside the artwork itself

According to Lorenzo Milito, an illustrator and Art Director: “I have spent most of the pandemic times in Amsterdam, painting this 27-square-meter indoor mural—ceiling included—hidden in a beautiful 17th-century canal house in the heart of Amsterdam.

The artwork was inspired by the traditional Delft Blauw style, which is the typical Dutch porcelain decoration style popular in the Golden Age.

The mural depicts the vibrant life of the most popular districts of Amsterdam, offering the viewer an immersive visual experience.

The work was commissioned by Wesley and Vivian, two nice Amsterdam locals who gave me total freedom to create a street art piece in their beautiful mansion.

I’ve lost count of all the blue markers that I have used in a year, but every single one was worth it.”

More: Lorenzo Milito, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

The mural is painted in the hallway of a beautiful private house facing the water in the Singel Canal of Amsterdam

View of the right side wall entering from the front door. The bridge on the right side of the picture is a bridge on the river Amstel. Wesley is the name of the owner of the house

Reaching the 4-meter ceiling with a marker was quite challenging. I wonder how Michelangelo could paint the Sistine Chapel

After 6 months of work, mainly on the weekends, I could put my signature on it

View of the mural from the living room

Close-up on the old Zeedijk street with some typical local character

Close-up on the Red Light District main canal with its traditional bars and hints to the sex workers

Close-up on the Pijp district. Some Dutch croquettes are smashing on the street

Close-up on a Van Gogh-style room hidden on a rooftop

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