This Artist Creates Comics Full Of Puns And Funny Twists

Life can get boring pretty quick if you never take a moment to have a little laugh. And why not take that moment right now and read some short and hilarious “Wheat Comics” by artist Michael Crozier that we prepared for you today.

More: Michael Crozier, Instagram, Facebook h/t: demilked, boredpanda

In a recent interview with Bored Panda, Michael said he started his journey to becoming a comic artist around five years ago. Initially he started out by writing down ideas and saving up for a tablet, and when he finally got it, Michael immediately went to work.

“The artwork from back then is really bad, ha ha! Not that what I make now is all that amazing either, but it’s gotten better with practice,” said the artist. “I just figured I had to start somewhere and the only way to get better was to try.” Nowadays Michael creates a new comic every week and has created hundreds so far – check out some of the best ones below!

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