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These Illustrations Over Photography Tell Us More Than One Side Of The Story

These illustrations over photography tell more than one side of the story. They tell the unseen side to a woman’s gaze. We all wear our faces carefully, sometimes we do that without even realizing it. It just happens that we secretly want to keep our darkest and hidden secrets just to ourselves and we keep them locked up in ourselves.

More: Shira Barzilay, Instagram h/t: awesomedaily

Still, to the artist’s eye, these different sides of us shine brighter than we’d expect. This is my take on Shira Barzilay’s illustrations on photography. The series is pretty cool just to look at. Add your own personal take on the subject and you might have a philosophical enigma right here.

Shira Barzilay is an Israeli illustrator known as Koketit. Koketit is the artist’s special attitude, it’s her signature, her style, her art and this is how she chose to call it. Also, the illustrations over photography that you’re going to see below are one good example of that attitude and style. Although, the way I see them, is more intimate, as a personal touch that we all have about ourselves and always chose carefully who to reveal it to. Anyways, this is the beauty of art, after all, the freedom of choice: choice over who and what we want to see in it.

Shira’s works have a little bit of Picasso in them. If you contemplate them long enough, you can see a little bit of Pablo’s sharp and decisive lines. Although Shira has worked on catalogues for different stylists and fashion brands, from Roberto Cavalli, to H&M, you can definitely see a creative education and background as the Tel-Aviv-based fashion illustrator has studied art and has an artist’s soul about her.

“I had plans to become a fashion designer and so I got myself a bachelor’s degree from the Shenkar Institute of engineering and design in Tel Aviv, Israel. After I graduated, I decided to become a fashion illustrator and turn it into a career. This path led me to all the wonderful things I do today”, says Shira Barzilay.

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