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“I Want More Squirrels in Gwent”: Fantasy Illustrations by Anna Podedworna

Anna Podedworna is a Polish artist, primarily known for her series of works for Gwent, Cyberpunk 2077, League of Legends and Magic: The Gathering. For fans of the “Witcher” universe Anna is a native person in general – she has drawn so many cool illustrations for the cards that they have long become icons of the series of games.

In a recent interview Anna shared an interesting story related to Gwent: “My favorite card is the recently released Squirrel. It was the last card I illustrated for Gwent. There’s even a little story about it. The first director of Gwent had a strong dislike for squirrels. After discovering this fact, I set out to collect as many squirrels in the game as possible.

My first attempt at implementation was the “Iorveth: Meditation” card, but of course that wasn’t enough. Unfortunately, many of my attempts were tragically thwarted. Later, when I already knew I was leaving the company, a decision was made: it was now or never. I illustrated the damn squirrel and left it to the developers. They did not disappoint.

Anna summed up the interview by saying, “I want more squirrels in Gwent.

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