Stunning Finalists Photos Of London Street Photography Festival

Miguel Fernandez Blanco, Spain

Here are the 10 London Photo Finalists of the London Street Photography Festival (LSPF) 2021). Winners will be announced during LSPF Live on the 29th of August on our Youtube channel.

Established in 2017, London Street Photography Festival is the biggest UK festival dedicated to street photography. The goal of our non-profit festival is to build a community and to establish and develop a platform for networking, learning, and development through exhibitions, workshops, lectures, competitions,s and associated events. We aim to be closely connected to the community and young people and provide them with the world-class resources and experience in one of the most dynamic and popular genres of photography.

More: London Street Photography Festival, Instagram h/t: 121clicks

Olesia Kim, Russia

Daniel Kosinski, Poland

Niklas Lindskog, Sweden

Jure Matičič, Slovenia

Jure Matičič, Slovenia

Joe M O’Brien, UK

Paul Russell, UK

Andy Sillett, UK

Liubomir Skumov, Bulgaria

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