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Geeky Valentine’s Day Cards Featuring Pop Culture Stars Expressing Romantic Feelings In Their Own Way

As he does each year, the very talented PJ McQuade has created a new series of 21 wonderfully geeky illustrated Valentine’s Day cards featuring pop culture celebrities and characters who each express their romantic feelings in a style of their own.

“Want to share some VDAY love this year? Look no further!

Includes ALL 21 of my Valentine’s Day cards – Larry David, Ripley, Pennywise, Keanu Reeves, Kylo Ren, Jareth the Goblin King, Darth Vader, Ian Malcolm, Severus Snape, Quint, The Hound, Yoda, Lando, Agent Cooper, True Romance, Khan, The Lord of Darkness, Gollum, Hodor, Brick & George McFly!

If you like a different mix, multiples of a certain card(s) just note me whichever 21 cards you’d like with your order. Otherwise, I will send one of each.”

More: PJ McQuade, Shop h/t: laughingsquid

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