Awesome and Free Birdy Twitter Icons

The Amazing Twitter Birds

“After a huge success that we had with Ugly Birds for Twitter we have decided to continue development of icons that our users could use for Twitter. This time we’ve decided to cover all possible styles and implement them on the same bird’s shape. This is what we’ve come up with so far, but it is work in progress and we would like to extend this list, so if you have ideas for other interesting styles that we haven’t covered yet, do send us a tweet @designcontests and we may include it into the next release.”

Ugly Birds Icons for Twitter

“Download these detailed icons of ugly birds and use them on your blog or website to promote your twitter account. These birds have names and characters and you should find one that reflects yours in some way. They are ugly but cute and your visitors will definitely love them. They are not just icons or illustrations, but real mascots for you twitter blog!”

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