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Japanese Artist Creates Stunningly Realistic Pen And Pencil Illustrations

Talented illustrator Yuuki Tokuda is well known not only on Twitter and Instagram for his original characters that have become books and merchandise, but for his incredibly lifelike drawings. His most recent work, however, may just be his best yet. With a pen, pencil, and copic marker, the impressive artist has been blowing minds on Twitter by creating an ultra-realistic squid that looks like it’s been dropped on a cutting board, not a piece of paper.

More: Twitter h/t: grapee

The texture of the squid is so well rendered, and each detail such as moisture, tentacle curls, and an always-watching eye are recreated so well, it’s hard to believe this isn’t an actual squid. Even Tokuda’s step-by-step process is barely convincing of it being otherwise.

This isn’t the first time Tokuda has drawn such a lifelike squid, however. Two years ago he shared this equally detailed and especially shiny drawing.

Tokuda’s realistic artwork resume doesn’t just stop at eels–he’s also drawn moray eels, as well as edamame and chicken wings that look good enough to eat!

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