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NASA Captures Unique Elephant Face Image On Mars

NASA astronomers have for the first time captured a unique elephant picture on mars using the HiRISE camera from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Astronomers claim that this elephant face is created by lava. They found that lava flow in Elysium Planitia, the youngest flood-lava province on mars, could have created the unique face.

“Flood lavas cover extensive areas, and were once thought to be emplaced extremely rapidly, like a flood of water,” Msnbc quoted Alfred McEwen, planetary geologist at the University of Arizona, as saying.

Astronomers believe that the elephant face on mars provides a glimpse of the geological changes that shaped the Red Planet over the course of billions of years. The image gives a good example of the phenomena known as pareidolia which means we see things like animals’ faces that are not actually there.

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