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The Childish, Lame, Imperfect and a Bit Quirky Illustrations by SketchyKatieSketches

According to an artist: “They’re childish and lame. They’re imperfect and a bit quirky. They’re a way to relax and calm my busy mind…

They’re generally illustrations of silly thoughts that popped into my head. I’ve always loved playing with words, so there are lots of word play, punny sketches. Some are records of daily events or just my observations of things. Basically, they’re pictures from my mind.

They’re imperfect because they’re usually drawn as quickly as the thought pops into my head. I don’t spend a lot of time deliberating over perfect lines and perspective. They’re not meant to be realistic or perfectly executed in any way. If I had to spend a lot of time on each sketch, I’d probably get bored with it and move on.

You can see more of my silly sketches on Instagram.”

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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