“The Never Remembered”: The Superb Surreal Melted Portraits of Pop Icons by Anthony Rondinone – Design You Trust

“The Never Remembered”: The Superb Surreal Melted Portraits of Pop Icons by Anthony Rondinone

Homer Melt

Anthony Rondinone is an artist born and raised in the Bronx. He works with multiple different mediums two of the main ones being Oil and Ink.

More: Anthony Rondinone, Instagram

Homer on Meth



Special Occasion

Business, in Technicolor

The Addicted



My Clothes Don’t Fit Anymore


The aCount

I was Just Scared



Spring Time in NYC 2020

Torn Apart

Over Exposed

Low Society, High Collars

Corporate Seduction

Dreaming Asleep




Christmas Morning 2020

Take Me Home

It Girl

How Can I help You?

Say Something


Where Do We Go From Here

Watch me Unwravel

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