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“The Art of (DE)Construction”: The Superb Collages of Nicollages

Nicollages’ works evolves around the assembling of the human face as a means of expression.

“My name is Nicole, I am 29 years old and live in Nuremberg, Germany. I was born in Kazakhstan and immigrated to Germany at the age of 5. At this age, my desire for collages has already begun. I wasn’t allowed to use scissors at the time, so I ripped out objects and faces from magazines and then stuck them together. I haven’t lost my passion for it to this day. Luckily,” she told Beyound Photography.

More: Nicollages, Instagram h/t: beyondphotography

“I like contrasting facial features. Sad, happy, upset. If you mix these, often an interesting result comes out. Mixing these is so exciting and there are very interesting results coming out.”

“The digital age is creating many new opportunities for artists. I love digital collages. Personally, I have to work with my hands and feel the material. I can’t even imagine it any other way. People are always amazed when they hear that my collages have been designed analogue. That’s why I believe that there is space for analogue collages.”

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