“Dualism”: The Superb Figurative Underwater Themed Paintings by Zhuk – Design You Trust

“Dualism”: The Superb Figurative Underwater Themed Paintings by Zhuk

Zhuk is an artist whose creative production revolves around classic figurative painting, presented in a contemporary manner.

These thoughts are expressed on the canvas due to the harmony of rational technique of performance and unbound imagination. The color ratio and simultaneous contrast together with the composition create a depth of movement that extends beyond the boundaries of the canvas. The color is divided into a series of bands that form a color series along the wavelength, brightness and saturation and are deployed in such a way as to represent the union of the human body and the environment, mixing into a single organism.

“I practice the transfer of the technique of my Art experience into Digital one because of my exploration of writing with a Real tassel gives the opportunity to work in digital art with my own Style,” she wrote.

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