Artist Draws a Series of Innocent Illustrations Of Cute Animals In Japanese Scenarios

According to an artist: “After 12 years of experience drawing realism with graphite pencils, I decided to create this colorful project named Meronpan. I use diverse techniques to illustrate animals and pets, most of them in Japanese scenarios.

The name Meronpan (a Japanese melon flavored bread that looks similar to the sweet Mexican bread “concha”) ​was chosen to symbolize the fusion of my Mexican and Japanese heritage, also to represent the heartwarming and delicate process involved in creating each personalized handmade illustration.

I follow the same steps to create every illustration. I begin by tracing them with graphite pencils to then ink them. Later on, I color them with watercolors and water based markers, among other materials. Sometimes, if necessary, I finish the illustration by correcting some details digitally.”

More: Meronpan, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

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