Adorable Felt Toy Specimens Are Unusual And One-Of-A-Kind


Most people think of stuffed bears or dolls when they think of toys, but Vancouver-based artist Hine Mizushima has her own ideas of what toys are. Mizushima creates more than just felt toys, she creates specimens. Her tiny felted creations of squids, sea slugs, and octopi are adorable and redefine what a stuffed toy is.

More info: Etsy, Society6 (h/t: visualnews, colossal)


Working from a small studio in her home, Mizushima crafts the tiny creatures by hand, selling her felt creations and prints of the little dioramas she constructs on her Etsy page and on Society6. Mizushima imagines her creations engaging in various activities, like cooking or learning about anatomy in science class. The playful and bright colors of the little creatures make the slugs and cephalopods too cute to be creepy. Many of her adorable felt sculpture have been exhibited in galleries across the United States and in Japan, her native country.


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