This Illustrator Turns The Berlin Wall Into Art In A Way You’ve Never Seen Before

There is a remaining part of the Berlin Wall in the Mauer Park, in the Prenzlauerberg district. For decades, graffiti artists have painted this historic piece of concrete, trying to turn something terrible into beauty. And they succeeded.

It’s an ongoing, tireless process, with layer upon layer being added to what once kept a country divided and is now used to express all sorts of ideas and moods with rich shapes and colours.

From time to time, the overlapping layers of paint collapse due to their own weight. The peeled off parts reflect decades of history and are uniquely multicoloured.

Ligia Fascioni’s keen eyes did not let these details pass. She has been diligently photographing the everyday landscapes of the German capital since her arrival in 2011, fascinated by the diversity, culture and history of the city.

Attracted by the colors and textures, she began to photograph these small pieces of wall that are no longer and uses the clippings as a background for her drawings, combinig in a unique way the brutality of the concept embodied by the wall, the infinite colours from the many grafittis with the feminine power and delicacy of the animals that she draws in an unusual way.

The result deserves your attention as it is very interesting. See for yourself.

More info: Ligia Fascioni, Flickr, Instagram,

Ligia Fascioni, a “Wahlberlinerin” (a Berliner by adoption) born in Brazil, is a self-taught illustrator. She has worked as an electric engineer, has a doctorate in design management and has published several books about leadership, design and innovation. Nowadays she is partner of the project

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