“Your Soul Is the Whole World”: Beautiful Surreal Retro Collages of Hugo Bastos

According to Hugo: “I’m a Brazilian digital artist who creates artworks in Photoshop using techniques of collage and photo manipulation. I also make collage animations in After Effects.

I’ve been making art regularly since 2017 when I also started my Instagram account which had an expressive growth in 2020 and continues to reach more people every day. My pieces can also be found in huge IG accounts.

In 2019, I created the cover art for Half.Alive’s debut album called “Now, Not Yet” (RCA Records). That opportunity opened many doors and allowed me to become a full-time artist and I’ve been creating commissioned album covers for independent bands from all over the world ever since.

All images used in the making of the pieces you see here on my page come from stock image websites and were made available for commercial purposes by the photographers themselves.”

More: Instagram, Twitter, Makersplace, Foundation

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