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See How The Shape Of The ‘Perfect’ Body Has Changed Over The Last 100 Years

Over the last 100 years, the women we consider to be sex symbols have had a huge variety of body shapes. Check out this decade-by-decade description of what people considered to be a “hot body.”

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Beginning with the 1910s Gibson Girl ideal inspired by the illustrations of Charles Dana Gibson:

By 1920, the flapper girl was well in fashion and a trim figure was all the rage:

Hemlines fell in 1930 and curves seeped their way back into fashion:

With their men off fighting, fashion changed in the Forties and the curvy feminine look to cheer returning heroes became the order of the day:

In the Fifties, weight-gain tablets were promoted in magazines to help women fill out their curves:

In the 1960s, dresses shrunk to suit the favoured petite frame as sported by Twiggy:

Back came the curves in 1970 – the era of the long, lean dancing queen:

By the Eighties, the British woman was on the way to a healthy figure with Elle MacPherson being the ideal:

The Nineties was the decade of ‘the waif’ popularised the ‘heroin chic’ look seen on Kate Moss:

By the millennium, women strived for an athletic figure like Britney Spears:

Today, the Facebook generation look to body icons such as curvy, big bottomed Kim Kardashian:

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