“In Between Dreams And Reality”: The Superb Surreal Digital Artworks by Ramón Laguía

Surreal Artist Ramón Laguía is a published digital artist, professional photographer and musician based in Mexico City. He started taking photos at an early age and took an interest in landscape and astrophotography. As a result, Ramón developed an interest in creating surreal images as a need of expressing himself. Inspired by his dreams, music, movies and paintings he has been creating images for 3 years while working as a photographer in Mexico. These visuals are a little glance into his world, welcome to his imaginarium.

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Surrealism, developed in the early 1900’s, aimed to revolutionize the human experience. This art form rejects a rational vision of life. Instead, its chooses an outlook that asserts the value of the unconscious and dreams. The movement’s artists found strange beauty in the unexpected and the unconventional.

Modern digital artists like Ramon have made great strides with this art form in recent years. Ramon’s artwork blurs the lines between dreams and reality in a special way. Due to today’s technology, Ramon has been allowed to use his creative imagination in ways that were not possible with traditional forms of artistic media.

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