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Sensual Fine Art Self Portraits by Beth Parnaby

Her vision is parallel to art, Beth Parnaby has got amazing talent in surprising us with some of the most beautiful and arresting self-portraits. These portraits are meaningful and guides the viewer into her own world. Natural lighting with minimal gear above all loads of imagination is what she calls the ingredients for a beautiful portrait.

It is quite unbelievable for us as we start appreciating these self-portraits coming from a humble 18 year old.

” become taken in by the person or people and create a world within the photograph where the subject is the main focus. I’m not entirely sure if there is a specific ‘why’ to being interested in portrait photography other than because I find people, male or female, incredibly fascinating. As for my style, I really enjoy working where there are parallels, symmetry and lines as well as in natural lighting,” she says.

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