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The Apocalypse: The Colorful Medieval Illustrations About The End of The Days, 1330

The Dragon and the Beasts Cast into Hell

The Apocalypse, or Book of Revelation, was, according to European medieval tradition, written by John the Evangelist during his exile on the Greek island of Patmos.

The opening chapters recount God’s instructions to the bishops of the seven churches in Asia Minor. The following chapters describe John’s extraordinary account of events to come at the end of time. The colorful illustrations of this manuscript bring these dream-like prophecies to life.

A partly effaced coat of arms within the book suggests that it was created for an aristocratic couple in Normandy, the wife apparently a member of the de Montigny family.

More: The Met Museum h/t: monsterbrains

The Beast Wages War against the Saints

Saint Michael Defeating the Beasts

The Opening of the Fourth Seal, Pestilence

The Army of Horsemen

The Locusts Wage War

Satan Released from Prision

An Image of the Beast of the Sea Fashioned

The Beast of the Earth

The Unclean Spirits

The Beast of the Sea

The Dragon Wages War

The Woman Escapes

The Dragon and the Woman

The Beast of the Sea and the Dragon Worshiped

The Worshipers of the Beast Receive His Mark

The Fifth Trumpet Sounded, The First Woe

A Storm; The Woman and the Dragon

The Opening of the Book

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