Honest Wine Labels That Have no Time For Your Crap

Wine labels never seem to say the truth, so Adam Teeter and his friend Jeff made these labels to say what really needed to be said! They made the labels using Illustrator over the course of four days. The ideas were all based on situations they found themselves in while drinking wine – 26 labels in total.

To see the rest of them, click the here.

We all say some crazy things while cracking open a bottle of wine. Maybe we’ve had a long day, or we’ve had some bumps in a relationship, or maybe we’re just trying to let loose.

But what if wine could talk back? What if the bottle you see on the shelf already knew what was going to happen before you put it in your shopping cart? What if that wine truly didn’t care about your feelings and had a filter as great as your grandmother after a glass or two of Pinot Grigio?

These honest wine bottles are just that, and they take no prisoners.


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