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Content Producer Lost Her Job During The Pandemic, So She Started Drawing

According to Kelley Hudson: “During the pandemic, I lost my job as a content producer and was unable to find work in that field for almost a year. Forced to relocate away from our home in Southern California to Spokane, Washington where my husband finally found work, I didn’t know what to do with a young child at home and a new town full of people we didn’t know (and really couldn’t get to know).

Depressed and broke, I went back to my art school roots and started drawing again to relieve some of the pressure I was under. I started posting my “doodles” to Instagram (@sequoiakelley) and, to my surprise, people actually liked them.

At a time when I felt absolutely useless and depressed about my career crumbling out from under me so easily; having people not only look at but LIKE my illustrations have helped me survive this pandemic.

Most ink and watercolor illustrations of things like my neighborhood and ways I felt during the year, here are some of my favorites that kept me afloat during Corona.”

More: Kelley Hudson, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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