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Defaced Banknotes Depict The Four Horsemen Of The British Political Apocalypse

We have been struck by the particularly caustic artwork of political satirist “wefail”.

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“Four Wefail banknotes depicting the four horsemen: May, Rees-Mogg, Bojo and Thatcher.

Early in 2019 I was asked to take part in a collection of defaced banknotes for the Cash is King 2 book and accompanying exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, August 2019. This involved some rework on my banknotes, changing colour saturation and fine tuning different scales, these 2nd edition prints are the result of those changes.”

The artist has an notable technique of creating apparition like ghosts of the British political elite. What is also interesting is that the artist in question used to be “just a designer” in the past and has moved into their current trade with a passion of authenticity and social commentary:

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