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American Artist Creates TriColored And Galaxy Like Surrealism Art

Josh Herrington creates a new aesthetic of surrealism with rainbow-like coloring. Originally from Austin, Texas, Herrington creates unique and thought-provoking surrealistic work. Herrington’s biggest addition to his style is that he will often replace a specific feature of his model with something extraordinary. This imagery holds great weight and impact, especially with the tones and shapes that he chooses to use.

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He will replace the skin of a model with a galaxy, or invert their faces into a variety of different shapes and fantasy-like images. There is a sense of melting and fading away with his technique of pulling down the facial features of his models, or creating a swirly effect to distort the image. The most common tie-in that he incorporates into his pieces, is that multi-color glare. That rainbow elaborates a feeling of euphoria and a likeness of hope. Even when the model’s face may be stoic or sad, there are multiple colors present.

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