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An Architect Paints Famous Cities Around The World In Watercolor

Burano, Italy

According to Maja Wrońska: “I’m an architect, watercolorist and freelance illustrator from Poland. I create mostly watercolors that focus on architecture and cities. This is my collection of watercolors I made that features many famous cities around the world. I post a lot of work on my Instagram.”

More: Maja Wrońska, Instagram, Behance h/t: boredpanda

Paris, France

“As I mentioned, I am an architect. I started drawing when I was a kid. My mum is also an architect and she allowed me to paint with her professional tools. I started to paint for real when I was preparing myself for an exam in drawing when I applied to study architecture.”


“When I got to the Warsaw University of Technology, where I studied architecture, I created an account on Deviant, where I posted my artwork. I felt really encouraged by the community there, so I created an Instagram and Facebook page, and when I graduated I started my own company. In my company, besides designing architecture, I paint watercolors and sell them.”

Venice, Italy

“I mostly use photos for reference. So the process starts with finding a topic and a proper photo of it. I mostly use royalty-free photos but sometimes when I want to paint something specific I contact people and ask them for permission to use their photos for reference. I painted a shop from Euphoria 2 weeks ago, so I contacted every shop owner in the area, and thanks to Demi Kai, who allowed me to use her photos, I painted Euphoria fanart.

When I have a photo, I think about the color scheme, I design it, then I do the sketch and paint it with watercolors, which takes several hours. Then scan it in high resolution, Photoshop joins the files, I adjust colors and tones to match the original, and then I upload it as a print, add original to my shop and post it on Instagram, Facebook and Reddit.”

Venice, Italy

“I like to draw and paint, I mostly focus on architecture and places, but from time to time I paint animals or other topics, like the fire extinguisher I sketched a week ago. Sometimes bad comments on my art make me think about what can I change in my art, but I tried not to take them personally.”

Golden Gate Bridge, USA

“I have created some looping watercolors, and I’m thinking about doing some eco-friendly NFTs but I must educate myself on how to do it. I also paint some detailed French apartment houses’ facades. If you like my paintings, you can also buy them at my shop.”

San Telmo, Spain


Florence, Italy

Munich, Germany

Tucuman, Argentina

Koln, Germany

Santorini, Greece

Golden Gate Bridge, USA


Bilbao, Spain

Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre, Italy

Barcelona, Spain

Coimbra, Portugal

Barletta, Italy

Nice, France

Paris, France

Lucca, Italy

Siena, Italy

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