Norwegian Artist Nikolai Lockertsen Creates Amazing Concept Art By Using iPad As A Canvas

Nikolai Lockertsen (previously featured) is a freelance concept artist and illustrator based in Norway. He worked as an Art director, Concept Artist and Matte Painter in the movie and TV industry. He has an impressive career behind him, having worked on such movies as “Troll Hunter”, Oscar-nominated “Kon Tiki”, “Max Manus” and “The Mortal Instruments”, to name but a few.

He regularly works with Hollywood Director Harald Zwart and continues to develop his art to stunning new levels. He is often travelling between movie locations and international film studios, and his iPad always travels with him.

“Since the iPad first came, I’ve used it to create sketches and artwork and had lots of fun with it. Then Procreate offered canvas in 4K! Since then I have done all my concept art and private artwork on the iPad with Procreate. I love the format and flexibility the iPad offers and the pro level artwork you can create in Procreate,” he said.

More info: Nikolai Lockertsen, Artstation, Facebook

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