Wife Embroidered the Iconic DOOM Logo on Her Husband’s Jeans Jacket – Design You Trust

Wife Embroidered the Iconic DOOM Logo on Her Husband’s Jeans Jacket


People’s creativity never ceases to amaze. DTF magazine user Victor Matveev shared the work of his wife, who embroidered the logo of the iconic DOOM on her husband’s jeans. According to the author, the whole job took about three months. She started with the center, and then moved on to the edges.

h/t: dtf


Users appreciated the work in the comments. And indeed – who would have refused such a detailed and painstaking work on the theme of their favorite game?


The author has already joked that his wife’s next work is a cacodemon. And if that’s suddenly not a joke, it may take even more time to realize it than the series logo.


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