Embroidered Sculptures of Woodland Treasures by Amanda Cobbett – Design You Trust

Embroidered Sculptures of Woodland Treasures by Amanda Cobbett

Every day, Amanda Cobbett walks her dog in the Surrey Hills and observes the minute changes in the woodland around her. The embroidery artist takes note of the different lichen, fungi and bark patterns she finds in different parts of the forest; later, using photographs and a magnifying light, she recreates them in painstaking detail out of thread, paper, papier-mache and silk.

“When you’re out in the forest, it’s the tiny detail that makes me want to be there as much as the bigger picture,” she says. “It’s really important to take note of these things, because if at some point they disappear, and we don’t know that they exist, how will we know when they’ve gone?”

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