Artist Barbara Franc Creates Gorgeous Animal Sculptures

Animals are a magnificent force of nature, guided by instinct and intelligence. With all the beauty and variety they offer, it’s no surprise that the animal kingdom has been a long-standing source of inspiration for all kinds of artists, from story-tellers to sculptors. Barbara Franc is one such sculptor.

Based out of London, Franc uses the power of recycling to bring out the magnificence of many different animals. Using mostly scrap metal as well as wires and other discarded items, Franc has given the world stunningly intricate animal sculptures like these beauties below.

More: Barbara Franc, Instagram

“I have always been fascinated by the shapes and sculptural forms of animals, they present a never-ending source of inspiration to me. I try to capture a feeling of their movement and presence in my sculpture. For this I use wire and other materials in a way that suggests drawing in three dimensions. This allows me greater freedom to add changes whenever I want during the construction to keep the feeling fluid and to reflect the diversity of movement and form.

I increasingly use recycled and discarded materials as I enjoy the challenge of transforming something with a past history into something new and exciting.

Most of my pieces are done to private or corporate commission and I am represented by several galleries but I also welcome any enquiries about my work.”

“Nineteenth century animal engravings, domesticated animals and our dependence on them, movement of racing animals such as horses and dogs, skeletal structures both organic and inorganic.”

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