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Every Holiday Caroline Eriksson Makes Something Crazy Out Of Gingerbread

Every Christmas, artist Caroline Eriksson has made something amazing out of gingerbread. It started back in 2013 when she made an Optimus Prime for a gingerbread contest. Since then she’s made a Xenomorph, dragon and even Darth Vader!

To create her gingerbread sculptures, Eriksson first builds an internal structure out of metal. The rest is simply gingerbread and melted sugar! For the curved areas, Eriksson says the pieces are soft and malleable if applied fresh out the oven. She also mentions that she adjusts her recipe to use twice the amount of syrup and no baking powder to make the gingerbread harder and give it a smoother surface.

As this is just a side project for fun, she says it takes about 3.5 weeks over a 2 month period (since she’s only working on it in her free time).

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