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Joan Cornella’s Funniest Demotivational Posters

Joan Cornella1

Joan Cornella had a dream before she began to make depressing posters. to dash the hopes of others. Who is this guy?

Joan Cornella is a Spanish illustrator and cartoonist who is well-known for his dark humor and strange, surreal comic strips. Check out Mox Nox on Amazon if you’re not easily offended and would like to see more of his bizarre comics. It is an assortment of Joan’s cartoons. It doesn’t matter that the book is in Spanish because the characters in his comics don’t speak. While you wait, scroll down to see some of his most effective—or least effective—demotivational posters!

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Joan Cornella2
Joan Cornella3
Joan Cornella4
Joan Cornella5
Joan Cornella6
Joan Cornella7
Joan Cornella8
Joan Cornella9
Joan Cornella10
Joan Cornella11
Joan Cornella12
Joan Cornella13
Joan Cornella14
Joan Cornella15
Joan Cornella16
Joan Cornella17
Joan Cornella18
Joan Cornella19
Joan Cornella20
Joan Cornella21
Joan Cornella22
Joan Cornella23
Joan Cornella24

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