Snails Start Attacking Man’s Garden, Instead of Killing Them, He Puts Up Scary Signs – Design You Trust

Snails Start Attacking Man’s Garden, Instead of Killing Them, He Puts Up Scary Signs

Bertrand Hance planted himself a garden. The man grew zucchini, beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants to pass his free time and everything seemed fine until they arrived.

With no regard to Bertrand and his work, snails flooded his land and started ravaging the greens. The beasts came in numbers too. It became obvious pretty soon that Bertrand would have to take drastic measures. But due to his compassion, the gardener refused to kill them. Instead, he tried out a more humane approach. Bertrand put up insulting, threatening, and scary signs to fight off the enemy.

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