Wearable Wooden Bags That Blends With Nature Patterns


Things we love from Istanbul: pistachio-flavored Turkish delights, handwoven wool kilims, and embroidered wooden clutches. Grav Grav, short for the phrase “gravity is gravity,” is a label started by Merve Burma, a young designer born and raised in Istanbul. Working out of a studio in her hometown, Burma creates unique wooden satchels, backpacks, clutches, and purses—but it was the wooden bags with intricate embroidered detailing that first caught our eye.

More info: Grav Grav, Instagram, Facebook (h/t: boredpanda, sweet)


“In my designs, I tried to connect both of traditional and modern ideas but don’t break up with current fashion forms. In my opinion, wood and leather show us a perfect match. They have a great harmony. Also, I would like to remind traditional and nostalgic cross stitch to upgrade current fashion. I use only nature patterns on the bags,” Merve Burma told Bored Panda.


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