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Budgett’s Frog Looks Like Someone Tried To Draw Normal Frog From Memory


Budgett’s frog looks so weird that it has acquired a number of popular nicknames, including hippo frog and Freddy Krueger frog. They have a large head that makes up to 1/3 of the body, with notably extremely large mouth, and short, stubby limbs.

More: Wiki h/t: sadanduseless


This species is generally very aggressive and will puff up when threatened to appear larger. If this behavior does not deter the intruder they will make a shrill screech, bite, and corner the target. Budgett’s frogs feed on other frogs (they have a reputation for being cannibalistic), insects, and snails.


You can meet them in the wild in Paraguay and Bolivia, but it’s a popular pet due to its comical flat appearance that looks like someone tried to draw a normal frog from memory.











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