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Photographer Captured The Expressions Of Animals In The Holiday Spirit

According to Belinda Richards: “I got the idea for the Classically Classy Christmas theme while wandering around Spotlight (a craft and fabrics store here in Australia) one weekend. I was looking for something that says Christmas but avoids the traditional red/green color pallet.

From there it was face-first into the glitter section. Countless hours (and hot glue burns) later I had finished making a variety of different headdresses and collars for our furry friends to wear.

We spent 6 days photographing 112 dogs in 3 different locations: our studio (Frog Dog Studios, Yarraville), a local doggie daycare (Urban Paws, Yarraville)and a local charity (Pets of the Homeless, Cheltenham)

For the 2 days at Pets of the Homeless, we donated the session fees to the charity. We were able to raise $1900 which was then tripled as part of their “Never tear them apart” giving day!

Each photography session only lasted 10-15min. The expressions were captured through a combination of treats and noises. Using treats to get the animal’s interest and guide the gaze towards the camera then a sudden silly noise elicits the reactions we’ve captured here.

And, yes, we are still finding glitter on literally everything we own!”

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