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Movies R Fun! A Collection Of Cinematic Classics For The Pre-(Film) School Cinephile: A Lil’ Inappropriate Book

Josh Cooley, a San Francisco artist and story supervisor at Pixar, has created a book Movies R Fun. His work features an awesome series of R-rated movies scenes that Josh drew in the style of a cute kid’s book.

“Let’s face it, reading sucks…but movies are fun! In this children’s picture book parody for grown-ups, Pixar writer and artist Josh Cooley presents the most hilariously inappropriate–that is, the best–scenes from contemporary classic films in an illustrated, for-early-readers style. Terrifying, sexy, and awesome scenes from such favourite children’s films as Alien, Rosemary’s Baby, Fargo, Basic Instinct, Seven, The Silence of the Lambs, Apocalypse Now, The Shining, and many more are playfully illustrated and captioned to make reading fun and exciting for kids who never grew up. A sly celebration of the things fans love most about these legendary films (and movies in general), this is one book that probably should not be read at bedtime.”

More: Josh Cooley, Amazon h/t: sadanduseless

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