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Artist Wrote Inappropriate “Children’s” Books And Here Are Some Of The Worst Titles


If you’ve never heard of Brad Gosse, or seen him perform, you are definitely missing out. His TikTok and YouTube videos are always funny, and he never fails to make you say: “Did he really just say that!”

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With titles like Mike Hunt Smells Like Fish, My Racist Dog, Mom Runs Trains, Dad’s a Cuck, Sweat Shop Kids, Thirst Traps, Moms Only Fans, Race Wars, Why Daddy Hits Mommy, Dead Babies and more. Brad’s books will either make you laugh hysterically, or you’ll be triggered.


Brad’s books are for adults who love dark humor, inappropriate jokes and don’t care for political correctness.

The way he delivers his jokes and stories is dry and lifeless, and his lack of facial expressions is absolutely priceless! So many people love Brad’s work that he has over 1 million followers on TikTok.


Brad is a comedian living in Toronto, Canada. He loves to entertain people whether it be through his jokes or his books. He started publishing his “children’s books” in 2019. He has published over 120 dark humor books so far.

Make someone happy with the gift of comedy. Brad makes his books “cheap as balls” just for you.


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