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Company Creates Satirical T-Shirts That Intentionally Portray Man The Way Society Portrays Women

Imagine that the world as we know it was turned on its head, gender roles and stereotypes were flipped and men got to see life through the eyes of a woman’s experience. In this world, women are historically the dominant sex, taking lead roles in science, art, and exploration, while men are largely tasked with domestic duties, looking after the house and raising children.

More: Man Who Has It All h/t: boredpanda

Facebook (and Twitter) account ‘Man Who Has It All’ regularly does this, cleverly revealing the ridiculousness of the discourse around gender expectations by reversing the sexes. “Just a little reminder to smile, boys! Because women like to see positive men. A smile costs nothing.” Patronizing, isn’t it? These are the kinds of remarks that women are subjected to all the time, so by holding up a mirror to our biases in this way, the page reveals our outdated attitudes.

Now with almost 400k followers on Facebook, the popular page describes itself as “a satirical page that exposes the absurdity of the patriarchy by turning the tables,” and “highlights the sexism, stereotypes, and bias women experience every day by imagining a world where men are treated in the same way society treats women.”

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