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Authentic Beauty of Fevik’s Illustrations for ‘The Mother of the Red River’


Join us as we explore the stunning illustrations of Fevik, an artist hailing from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. These illustrations are part of a book titled “Người mẹ sông Hồng,” which translates to “The Mother of the Red River.” The Red River, also known as the Hồng Hà and Sông Cái in Vietnamese, is a principal river that flows through Vietnam.

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Fevik’s attention to detail is truly remarkable. The illustrations capture the authenticity and essence of the Red River and its surrounding environment, transporting the viewer to Vietnam’s lush and vibrant landscape. The meticulous details in each piece of art are a testament to the artist’s skill and dedication to his craft.


Despite never having been to Vietnam, I can attest to the beauty of Fevik’s illustrations. They are a testament to his ability to create a sense of place and mood, capturing the essence of the Red River and its surrounding area with precision and authenticity.


“The Mother of the Red River” is a true masterpiece, and Fevik’s illustrations are a significant contributor to its beauty. The book is a must-read for anyone who loves art and is fascinated by the unique beauty of Vietnam.


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