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Russian Street Artist Uses Transparent Wrap To Spray-Paint Animals

According to Evgeny (previously): “Hello, my name is Evgeny Ches and I’m an artist from Moscow, Russia. I started painting graffiti at the end of the ’90s. Currently, I continue to paint on the streets and various canvases and organize different events and exhibitions.

I painted my first graffiti-style artwork on a transparent plastic wrap around 8 years ago in the forest. It was an experiment to take urban art and move it from the streets to a natural landscape. I call my technique Cellograffiti. It is a simple way to paint in places where you don’t have a wall and do it in 2 minutes!

I painted my first animal, a squirrel, in 2014. In our world, plastic is a big problem and a lot of animals suffer from plastic pollution caused by people but in my artwork animals and plastic exist together. I paint most of my artwork during the events or in the parks and later remove all the plastic wrap for recycling.”

More: Evgeny Ches, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

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