The Grace of Broken Space: Art by Sasha Tudvaseva – Design You Trust

The Grace of Broken Space: Art by Sasha Tudvaseva

Sasha Tudvaseva is a freelance artist from Russia who draws illustrations for Blizzard Entertainment and writes in-depth tutorials on digital art on ArtStation Marketplace. Her flamboyant style is hard to describe – Tudvaseva beautifully combines abstraction and realism in her work, while playing with completely crazy perspective and breaking shapes.

According to the artist, the most important thing for a successful illustrator is a good portfolio.

“All my clients have found me by my Artstation portfolio. So, be sure that once you start doing your own, they will find you. Don’t forget that unique style and lots of subscribers are cool, but it’s important that you show what you can do. Delete the old work and leave only the best.”

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