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Magical Slavic Photography From Russia Is So Impressive That It Looks Unreal


Russia culture is just one off spring branch of greater Slavic culture that is shared by 360 million Slavs worldwide. Vibrant images filled with electric series of Slavic folklore is a colorful photography mix that comes from Moscow artistic direction study of Yakovlev & Aleeva. These pieces show a interesting mixture of traditionalism, high fashion and certain degree of modernity. These stunning Russian women models are all dressed in what is know as traditional clothing plus they are adorned in bright colored jewelry and lipstick, which fits Russian culture as we know it today.

h/t: slavorum


It’s beyond just fashion, it’s a blend of orthodoxy along with a classical love of opulence that together reveal an actual historically influenced images made for the contemporary world of ours. The eggs are also lavishly decked and share the spotlight with the gorgeous backdrops.


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