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From Tennis Court to Tarmac: Steffi Graf’s Unforgettable Ride with Opel in 1988


For the young boys of the 1980s, German tennis sensation Steffi Graf was the epitome of stardom. Hence, when an Opel Corsa carrying her name hit the streets, it was like the perfect culmination of a thrilling tennis match. Graf was a force to reckon with on the tennis court, wielding powerful forehand strokes, a formidable serve, and let’s face it, she was stunning, with her blonde hair and distinctive German looks.




As she was a brand ambassador for Opel, it was a strategic move for the company to capitalize on her fame and launch a special edition model — the Opel Corsa Steffi Special. Brace yourself for more tennis-themed humor, as it may make appearances throughout this piece.


When the press advertisement showcased Graf lounging on the car’s bonnet or laying in front of it, the question on the lips of many German men was “Kommt sie mit dem Auto?” (Is she coming with the car?). The ad made the point, “If you ask Steffi, good equipment is sometimes half the victory”, followed by a list of specifications that were impressive, even for that era.


The Steffi Special was far from ordinary, featuring Steffi side stripes, a signature on the tailgate, and possibly the most distinctively good/bad seat covers you’ve ever come across. These covers may have looked great on a Steffi Graf branded duvet and pillow set, but in an Opel Corsa, they were quite the sight. On the upside, the car came with a Steffi Graf backpack and umbrella.


Originally, the car came in a white hue described as “as white as the sport”. However, later models were made available in either red or black, with an optional electric folding roof.


Unfortunately, Opel terminated its partnership with Graf in 1995 due to tax evasion allegations, so the possibility of seeing a Grandland X Steffi Special is virtually non-existent.


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