Beautiful Illustrations of Ranch Houses, An Icons of Comfortable Outdoor Lifestyle in the 1930s and Beyond – Design You Trust

Beautiful Illustrations of Ranch Houses, An Icons of Comfortable Outdoor Lifestyle in the 1930s and Beyond


Imagine a cozy home that hugs the ground and welcomes you with a spacious layout. That’s a ranch house, a one-story wonder that blends indoor and outdoor living. These homes stretch out in an L or U shape, with a gentle roof that doesn’t block the view.



Inside a ranch home, you’ll find a seamless flow of rooms that invite you to relax and socialize. The kitchen, dining and living areas are all connected, with no walls to interrupt the conversation. Many ranch homes have glass doors that slide open to reveal a patio where you can enjoy the fresh air.


Ranch homes are usually built on a solid concrete foundation, but some may have a basement or crawl space for extra storage. The ranch style was born in the 1930s in California, when architect Cliff May wanted to create a casual and comfortable outdoor lifestyle. These stunning pictures of 1950s ranch homes show you how they looked in a 1959 calendar from a roofing company.


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